Automotive or Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering discipline which studies the operating principles of the automobiles by incorporating various elements of engineering such as mechanical, electrical, electronic, and safety engineering.
We Supply automobile engineering and I.C engine lab, differential gear assembly actual cut section, rear axial assembly with differential gear, Synchromesh Gear Box 4 Forward 1reverse,Gear Box Actual Cut Section, Constant Mesh Gear Box Actual Cut Section, Automatic Gear Box Actual Cut Section, Automatic Gear Box Actual Cut Section, Car Chassis Rear Wheel Drive Actual Cut Section, Car Chassis Front Wheel Drive Actual Cut Section, Car Chassis All Wheel Drive Actual Cut Section.

Code Product Name
(B) With Rotary Pump
Code Product Name
1641 front suspension system
(A) Macpherson Type Suspension System
(B) Double Wishbone Type Suspension System
(C) Longitudinal Torsion Bar Type Suspension System
1642 rear suspension system
(A) Leaf Spring Type Suspension System With Rear Rigid Axle
(B) Rear Independent Type Suspension System
Code Product Name
1653 carburetors actual cut section
(A) Mikuni Car Type
(B) Solex Type
(C) Scooter Type
(D) Motor Cycle Type
1654 automobile parts actual cut section
1 Self Starter
2 Battery
3 Distributor
4 Ignition Coil
5 Spark Plug
6 Magneto
7 Electrical Fuel Pump
8 Mechanical Fuel Pump
9 Master Cylinder
10 Gear Lubricating Pump
11 Water Pump or Water Body
12 Radiator
13 Crank Shaft
14 Cam Shaft
15 Connecting Rod
16 Piston With Rings
17 I.C. Injector
18 Speedometer
19 Shock Absorber
20 Brake Cylinder

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