CNC mill trainer1

CNC mill trainer-1


Type of Controller System : PLC based system under collaboration from tudor,uk
Main Spindle Drive : D.C. Thyristor Drive, Inbuilt Safety
X, Y and Z axis Drives : Stepper motor drive TTL Compatible
Input to Stepper :Optically lsolated , motor drive TTL Compatible
Interpolation : Linear, Circular parabolic Interpolation
Code Used : G, M, S, T, F, I, K, M, F,
Cycles : Circular Interpolation,
Mirror, Pocket Milling Cycle
Pocket & Helical Milling : Provided with Std Codes
Real time tool path :with online 3D simulation


Length x Width : 600 x 225 (approx.)
Clamping Area : 450 x 160 (approx.)
T Slots : 10mm slot width.


Resolution : 5 micron(Standard)
Distance from sindle :25-225mm(Nose to table top)
Centerline to column :170mm
Rapid Travel 700 mm/min
Weight in kg : 950kg
Dimension in mm : 1200 x 1200 x 1900 mm


Spindle Speed : Continuous Variable
Spindle power : 1.5 HP
Inside Taper : ISO 30
Speed Range : 300 to 3000 RPM