critical heat flux apparatus

critical heat flux apparatus

Critical Heat Flux Apparatus:

The apparatus demonstrates the regimes of pool boiling. The test section consists of a test wire surrounded by water of constant temperature. The surface temperature of the test wire is heated by passing current through it. Due to the temperature difference between the wire surface and surroundings, the difference regimes are observed till the burnout point.


1.Test wire -35 gauge or 40 gauges. Length = 10cm.
2.Nichrome heater- 1 kw capacity – 1 nos.
3.Glass trough of sufficient capacity.
4.Table light to observe the test wire.
5.Voltmeter and ammeter to measure the input to the test wire.
6.Dimmerstat to adjust the voltage.

A technical manual accompanies the unit.


1.220v, ISA, stabilized single-phase supply.
2.Floor surface- 1m x 1m at working height.