heat transfer in Aagitated vessel

heat transfer in Aagitated vessel

Heat Transfer in Agitated Vessel:

The unit consists of a vessel with class wool insulation ail around. A helical coil made of copper is fixed inside the vessel. A motorized agitator is fixed at the center of the coil. The vessel is provided with an electric heater and a controller is also provided for vessel. Heater heats water in the jacket while cold water is circulated through coll. Temperature of circulated water and water In vessel Is measured and thus heat transfer coefficient at various agitator speeds can be determined.


1.Vessel approx. 20 lit. capacity, provided with glass wool insulation all around and electric heater at the bottom.
2.Agitator 150 mm dia, with 1/8 HP motor to drive the agitator.
3.Helical coil – 200 dia, 8 turns, made of 3/8″ dia. copper tube.
4.Controllers for heater and agitator motor.
5.Temp. Indicator for vessel water temperature and circulated water inlet and outlet.


1.Single phase 230V, 15 A stabilized supply.
2.Water flow at the rate of 4 to 5 lit. per min.
3.Suitable drain arrangement for water.
4.Floor area -1.5 mtr. X 1 mtr. X 1 mir height.