specific heat of air apparatus

Specific Heat of Air Apparatus:

The apparatus consists of heating element on which the air is blown. The difference in temperature of air is shown by the temperature indicator. The flow of air is measured by the orifice meter. The input to the heater is measured by voltmeter and ammeter. Thus the specific heat of air can be found out.

1.Air blower connected to FHP motor.
2.Orifice meter to measure the air flow, Heater – 1 KW heating coil placed centrally in the test section.
3.Multi channel digital temperature indicator – range 0 to 300 c.
4.Voltmeter and ammeter to measure the heat Input.

1.220 volts single phase stabilized AC Electric supply.
2.Floor space – 2 m. X 1 m. X 2 m. Height.