thermal conductivity of insulating powder

thermal conductivity of insulating powder

Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder:

The apparatus consists of an insulating powder, which is enclosed in a cavity of two concentric spheres. The inner space of the inner sphere contains the mica heater. Input to the heater can be adjusted by the dimmerstat. The tappings on the surfaces of the inner sphere and outer sphere are used to find out the temperature difference between the spheres. This enables to find out the conductivity of powder.


1.Inner sphere dia. 100mm and outer sphere dia. 200mm.
2.Mica heater two heat the inner sphere surface.
3.Ten thermocouple tappings in the test section.
4.Plaster of Paris / asbestos powder in the test section.
5.Panel comprises of
  a)Voltmeter and ammeter
  c)Temperature indicator

Services required:

1.220v stabilized single-phase supply.
2.Floor surface 1m x 0.5m at working height.