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Universal Force Table (Normal)
Link Polygon Apparatus
Apparatus To Study Equilibrium Of Non Concurrent Forces
Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus
Polygon of Forces Apparatus
Triangle & Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus
Polygon & Triangle of Forces Apparatus
Law of Conservation of Mass
Apparatus To Verify The Law Of Forces In Three Dimensions
Parallel Forces Apparatus (Tubular Spring Balance)
Parallel Forces Apparatus (Dial Type 10 kg. Balance)
Parallel Forces Apparatus Overhang Beam Type
Apparatus for Reaction of Forces in Beam 20Kg Balance
Bell Crank Lever Apparatus
Compound Lever Apparatus
Cranked Compounded Lever Apparatus
Lever Apparatus
Lever Apparatus
Moments Disc Apparatus
Law Of Moments Apparatus
Cantilever Beam Apparatus
Structural Mechanics Apparatus (Complete Set Of 14)
Jointed Roof Truss On Wheels
Shear Legs Apparatus (Without Weight)
Simple Jib Crane Apparatus
Jib Crane With Slooted Weights
Geared Jib Crane (Without Weight)
Friction Slide Apparatus (Without Weight)
Inclined Plane Apparatus
Combined Inclined Plane And Friction Slide Apparatus
Coil Friction Apparatus (Without Weight)
Combined Coil And Flat Belt Friction Apparatus (without Weight)
Rope Brake And Dynamometer
Crony Brake Dynamometer
Pulley Blocks Brass, 8 cm Dia. 6 mm Grove
(A) Single
(B) Double
Pulley Blocks Aluminium. 8 cm Dia. 2 cm Grove
(A) Single
(B) Double
Differential Pulley Block Model
Pulley Demonstration Set
Pulley System Different Type
Chain Pulley Blocks
(A) Worm Gear Type ( 1 Ton. )
(B) Spur Gear Box Type ( 1 Ton. )
(C) Weston's Differential, Triple Purchase ( 1 Ton. )
Compound Wheel And Axle Apparatus
Wheel and Differential Axle Apparatus
Winch Crab Single Purchase Apparatus
Winch Crab Double Purchase Apparatus
Worm and Worm Wheel Apparatus
(A) Single
(B) Double
(B) Double
Screw Efficiency Apparatus
Screw Jack Apparatus
Compound Screw Jack Apparatus

Code Product Name
Compound Screw Jack with Transverse Motion
Deflection Of Beam Apparatus (Without Weight)
Bending Of Beam Apparatus (With Weight)
Elasticity of Fiexture Apparatus
Shear Force Apparatus (With Weight)
Bending Moment Apparatus (With Weight)
Stresses In Beam Apparatus (With Weight)
Compression Of Coiled Springs (Without Weight)
The Combined Compression And Extension Of Springs Apparatus
Hook's Law Apparatus (With Weight)
Young's Modulus Apparatus (Searle's Pattern)
Young's Modulus Apparatus
Young's Modulus Apparatus (Vernier Type) (Without Weight)
Young Modulus of a Metal Rod by an Interference Method
Rigidity of Wires
Rigidity of Wires With Stand
Maxwell Vibration Needle
Tortion Apparatus(Clamp Pattern) (Without Weight)
Tortion Apparatus Searle's Type
Tortion Apparatus Vertical Type
Second Law of Motion Apparatus
Simple Pendulum
Bar Pendulum or Compound Pendulum
Kater's of Reversible Pendulum
Moment of Inertia of Flywheel
(A) 15 cm
(B) 20 cm
(C) 25 cm
(D) 30 cm
(E) 37cm
(F) 45cm
Fletcher Trolley
Atwood Machine (Complete With Stand)
Apparatus To Find Center Of Gravity
Centrifugal Force Apparatus

Code Product Name
9151 Single Stage Spur Gears
9152 Single Stage Spur Gears with Intermediate
9153 Two Stage Spur Gears
9154 Three Stage Spur Gears
9155 Single Stage Bevel Gears
9156 Single Stage Helical Gears
9157 Single Stage Spiral Gears
9158 Gear Sets
(A) Set Of 4
(B) Set Of 8
9160 Herringbone Gears
9162 Internal Gear Pinion Drive
9163 Rack and Quadrant Gears
9164 Sliding Wedge Gear With Straight Line
9165 Rack & Pinion
9166 Epicycle Gear
9167 Epicyclic Gear (Sun & Planet Type)
9168 Cyclodial Gear
9169 Reversing Gears
9170 Worm Gear
9171 Train Of Gear Wheels
9172 Inter Connected Gears
9173 Gear Box ( 3 speed & reverse gear)
(A) Without Clutch
(B) With Clutch
9174 Differential Gear
9175 Shaper Model
(ii) Mechanism Models
9177 Friction Wheel Drive
9178 Chain Drive
9179 Geneva Drive
9180 Pawl & Ratchet Rod Model
9181 Crank & Connecting Rod Model
9182 (I) Slide Crank Mechanism
(A) Reciprocating Engine Mechanism
(B) Oscillating Cylinder Mechanism
(C)Witworth Quick Return Mechanism
9182 (II) Slide Crank Mechanism With Caliberated Dials
(A) Reciprocating Engine Mechanism
(B) Oscillating Cylinder Mechanism
(C)Witworth Quick Return Mechanism
9183 Four Bar Link Mechanism
9184 Scotch Yoke Mechanism
9185 Elipse Tracer Model
9186 Watt's Mechanism
9187 Peucellir Linkage Drive Model
9188 Pentograph Mechanism
9189 Kinematic Pairs
9190 Crank Shaft To Slider Mechanism
9191 Crank & Slotted Link Mechanism
9192 Two Crank Linkage Drive Model
9193 Slotted Link Bar Mechanism

Code Product Name
9194 Inversion Of Four Bar Mechanism
9195 Crank Drive To Oscillating Link Mechanism
9196 Crank Slotted Lever Apparatus (fully Calibrated)
9197 Inversion Of Single Slide Crank Mechanism
9198 Inversion Of Double Slide Crank Mechanism
(iii) Cam & Follower Models
9200 Cams & Followers Set of 5 :-
(A) Plate Cam : With Flat Faced Reciprocating Follower
(B) Tangent Cam : With Roller Oscillating Follower
(C) Cylindrical Cam : With Translating Follower
(D) Translating Cam : With Reciprocating Knife Edge Follower
(E) End Cam : With Translating Follower
9201 Action Of Cams
9202 Triangular Eccentric Cam
9203 Tri Clover Leaf Cam
9204 Harmonic Motion(simple type)
9205 Harmonic Motion
(iv) Brake Models
9206 9206
9207 Double Shoe Brake
Double Shoe Brake Band Brake
9209 Bnad and Block Brake
9210 Internally Expanding Brake
9211 Disc Brake Model
9212 Disc Brake Actual Working
9213 Hydraulic Break Unit (Single Break Drum)
9214 Hydraulic Brake Unit (Two Break Drums)
9215 Hydraulic Brake Unit (Four Break Drums)
9216 Mechanical Brake System
9217 Power Brake Actual Working
9218 Air Brake Working Model
(v) Belt Pulley Models
9225 Model of Belt Pulleys
(A) Flat Belt Pulley
(B) Rope Pulley
(C) V' Belt Pulley
(D) Cone or Step Pulley
9226 Belt Drive Single Speed
9227 Belt Drive Two Stage
9228 Belt Drive Lose And Fast
(vi) Bearing Models
9240 Shafting General Bearing
(A) Open Truck Bearing
(B) Simple Bearing
(C) Bush Bearing
(D) Thrust Bearing
(E) Plummer Block or Pedestal Bearing
(F) Foot Step Bearing

Code Product Name
9241 Bearings
(A) Ball Bearings
(B) Roller Bearings
(C) Taper Bearings
(D) Thrust Bearings
9242 Ball Bearings Set
9243 Swivel Bearings
9244 Hanger Brackets
9245 Wall Brackets
(vii) Key & Joints Models
9250 Keys
9251 Knuckle Joint
9253 Cotter Joint
9254 Gib & Cotter Joint
9255 Tie Rod Joint
9256 Sleeve & Cotter Joint
9257 Socket & Spigot Joint
9258 Rivetted Joints
9259 Rivetted Joints
(A) Rivetted Joints Tripple
(B) Rivetted Joints Quadrupple
(C) Rivetted Joints Angle Iron and Girder Joints
9260 Rivets Four Types
9261 Rolled Sectional Models
9262 Girder Models
(A) Plate Girder
(B) Box Girder
(C) N.Girder
(viii) Coupling Models
9263 Sellers Coupling
9264 Universal Coupling
9265 Hook's Coupling
9266 Hook's Coupling(Double)
9267 Double Hook's Coupling Experimental Apparatus
9268 Flexible Coupling
9269 Box or Muff Coupling
9270 Flanged Coupling
9271 Split Muff Coupling
9272 Oldham's Coupling
(A) Big
(B) Small
(x) Screw & Nut Models
9280 Hemispherical Sectional Models of Screw Threads
9281 Hemispherical Sectional Models of Screw Threads Nuts
9282 Standard Bolt
9283 Bolts of Four Types
9284 Foundation Bolts
9285 Foundation Bolts (with nomenclature)
9286 Locking Arrangement of Bolts
(xi) Gyroscope Models
9290 Standard Gyroscope
9291 Gyroscope With Counter Poise
9292 Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope
9293 Revolving Stool For Above

Code Product Name
9300 Object Drawing Models
Dissected Models
(A) Rectangular prism
(B) Rectangular Pyramid
(C) Triangular Prism
(D) Triangular Pyramid
(E) Square Prism
(F) Square Pyramid
(G) Pentagonal Prism
(H) Pentagonal Pyramid
(I) Hexagonal Prism
(J) Hexagonal Pyramid
(K) Octagonal Prism
(L) Octagonal Pyramid
(M) Decagonal Prism
(N) Decagonal Pyramid
(O) Cube 20 x 20 cm
(P) Cone
(Q) Cone cut in four sections
(R) Sphere 15 cm
(S) Cylinder
9301 Object Drawing Models
Undissected Models
(A) Rectangular Prism
(B) Rectangular Pyramid
(C) Triangular Prism
(D) Triangular Pyramid
(E) Square Prism
(F) Square Pyramid
(G) Pentagonal Prism
(H) Pentagonal Pyramid
(I) Hexagonal Prism
(J) Hexagonal Pyramid
(K) Octagonal Prism
(L) Octagonal Pyramid
(M) Decagonal Prism
(N) Decagonal Pyramid
(O) Cube 20 x 20 cm
(P) Skeleton Cube 20 x 20 cm
(Q) Cone
(R) Sphere 15 cm
(S) Half Sphere
(T) Cylinder
(U) Semi – Cylinder
(U) Quarter – Cylinder
(V) Tetrahedron
(W) Octahedron
(X) Circle
(Y) Double Cross
(Z) Single Cross
(Z1) Model Plates (Set of 7)

Code Product Name
9307 Cube Dissectible
9315 A Set of Wooden Model on Interpenetration of Solids as under
(A) Two cylinders of different diameters penetrating each other at right angles
(B) Two cylinders of different diameters with oblique penetration
(C) A cylinder into a cone with oblique penetration
(D) A Cone and cylinder with penetration at right angles
(E) Two cones at right angles
(F) Two square prisms of different sizes at right angles
(G) Two square prisms at oblique angles
(H) Sphere and cone at centre.
(I) Sphere and cylinder eccentric.
(J) Sphere and cylinder at centre.
9316 Binomial Cube
9317 Cubic Decimeter
9318 Slide Rule Model
9321 Geometrical instrument Box
9325 Projection of Straight Line Apparatus
9326 Carpentry Joints

Code Product Name
(i) Boiler Model
10110 Model Of Lancashire Boiler
10111 Model Of Cornish Boiler
10112 Model Of Babcock And Wilcox Boiler
10113 Model Of Locomotive Boiler
10114 Model Of Cochran Boiler
10115 Vertical Water Tube Boiler
10116 Model of Lamount Boiler
10117 Model of Benson Boiler
10118 Model of Loeffler Ler
10119 Model of Valox Boiler
10120 Model Of Marcet Boiler
10121 Model Of Stirling Boiler
10122 Model Of Nestlar Boiler
(ii) Mountings & Accessories Of Steam Boilers
10131 Lever Safety Valve
10132 Spring Loaded Safety Valve
10133 Dead Weight Safety Valve
10134 Combined High Steam And Low Water Safety Valve
10138 Water Gauge Model
10139 Stop Valve Hopkinson Type
10140 Feed Check Valve
10145 Steam Injector
10146 Pressure Gauge
10147 Pressure Gauge 60mm dia
10148 Blow Off Cock
10150 Reducing Valve
10151 Fusible Plugs
10152 Anti-Priming Pipe
10155 Expansion Steam Trap
10156 Float Steam Trap
10160 Green Economiser
10160 Sudgen Super Heater
(iii) Steam Engine Models
10165 Model Of Steam Engine
10167 Steam Engine Model With A Boiler
10170 Steam Engine 'D' Slide Valve
10171 Model Of Piston Valve Steam Engine

Code Product Name
10172 Model Of Compound Steam Engine
10173 Model of Uniflow Steam Engine
10174 Model Of Drop Valve Steam Engine
10175 Model Of Mayer Expansion Valve Steam Engine
10176 Model Of Corliss Valve Steam Engine
10180 Stephenson Link Motion
10181 Gooch Link Motion
10182 Allan Link Motion
10183 Joy Valve Gear
10184 Walscharet Valve Gear
(iv) Governors Models
10190 Watt's Governors
1 Ordinary
2 Early
3 Cross Arm
10191 Governor Model
1 Loaded
2 Porter
3 Hartnell
10192 Rotating Arrangement
10193 Governor Models With Rotator
10194 Throttle Valve
10195 Eccentric Model
10196 Stuffing Box
10197 Cross Head
(v) Sectional Working Models Of Petrol & Diesel Engine
10211 Sectional Working Model Of 2 Stroke Petrol Engine
10212 Sectional Working Model Of 2 Stroke Petrol Engine
10213 Sectional Working Model Of 2 Stroke Diesel Engine
10214 Sectional Working Model Of 4 Stroke Diesel Engine
10220 Gas Turbines Or Turbojet Engine
10221 Ram Jet Engine
10225 Wankel Engine
(vi) Steam Turbine Models
10227 De-Lavel Turbine (Velosity Compounded)
10228 Pressure & Velosity Compounded Steam Turbine
10229 Air or Steam Pressure Turbine
(Pressure Compounded)
10230 Pure Reaction & Hero's Steam Turbine
(vii) Steam Condenser Models
10232 Jet Condenser -- Parallel Flow
10233 Jet Condenser -- Counter Flow
10234 Surface Condenser
10235 Evaporative Condenser
10236 Ejector Condenser
10237 Air Pre Heater

Code Product Name
(i) Boiler Models
10251 Plate Girder Bridge
10252 Lattice Girder Bridge
10253 Lattice Bowstring Girder Bridge
10254 Road Suspension Bridge
10255 Stone Arch Bridge
10256 R.C.C.Deck Slab Bridge
10257 R.C.C. Balanced Cantilever Bridge
10258 Floating Bridge
10259 T Beam Bridge
10260 Lift Bridge Across A Port Channel
10265 Bridge Trusses
(A) Plate Type
(B) N. Type
(C) Warren Type
(D) Lattice Type
(E) Lattice Bowstring Type
(ii) Culvert Models
10266 Road Culvert With Single Arch
10267 Road Culvert Brick Barrel Type
10268 Road Culvert Box Type
10269 Road Culvert With R.C.C. Slab
10270 Road Culvert Skew Type
10271 Railway Culvert
(iii) Road Models
10275 Flyover Road Junction
(A) Clover Leaf Junction
(B) Diamond Pattern
10276 Model Of Cross Section Of National Highway
10277 Model Of Sub-Surface Drainage
10278 Road Signs
(iv) Railway Models
10285 Model of Points Crossing
10286 Model Of Inter Locking
(v) Building Models
10301 Grillage Foundation
10302 Model Of Foundation
10305 Pile Driving Machine Model
10306 Piles of Different Types
(A) Steel Sheet Pile
(B) Screw Pile
(C) Timber Pile
10307 Wing Walls
10310 Pneumatic Caisson
10315 Model of Bricks
10320 Bricklayer's Scaffolding
10325 Raking Shore
10326 Flying Shore
10330 Centring Of Arch
10335 Carpentry Joints
10338 Model Of Door Leaf

Code Product Name
(A) Fully Panelled Door
(B) Half Panelled & Half Glazed Door
(C) Sash Door
(D) Ledged & Braced Door
(E) Flush Door
10339 Model Of Doors With Surrounding Frames
(A) Fully Panelled Door
(B) Half Panelled & Half Glazed Door
(C) Sash Door
(D) Ledged & Braced Door
(E) Flush Door
10340 Model Of Venetained Door With Surrounding Frame
10342 Model of Windows
(A) Louvred or Venetain Window
(B) Double Hung Window
(C) Sliding Window
(D) Casement Window
(E) Awning Window
(F) Hopper Window
(G) Bay Window
10343 Corner Window Lintel
10345 Model of Stair Cases
(A) Dog Legged Stairs
(B) Open Well Stairs
(C) Quarter Turn Stairs
(D) Bifurcated Stairs
(E) Geometrical Stairs
10346 Spiral Stair
10348 Lean To Roof Model
10350 Collar Beam Truss Model
10351 King Post Truss Model
10352 Queen Post Truss Model
10354 Joints Of Trusses
10355 Model Of Steel Roof Truss
10360 Model Of Roof Showing Ridge Hip And Valley
10362 Model Of Partition Wall
10363 Model Of Jack Arch Flooring
10364 T Beam And Slab Rinforcement
10366 Two Rooms And Varandah
10367 Two Storied Building

Code Product Name
(vi) Irrigation Models
10380 Model Of Coffer Dam
10382 Gravity Dam
10383 River Head Work
10384 Gibb's Module
10386 Saddle Syphon Spilway
10387 Spill Way Gate
10388 Volute Syphon Spillway
10389 Level Crossing
10390 Viswewaraya Gate
10394 Tank Sluice With Plug And Cistern
10395 Tank Sluice With Tower head
10398 Tank Weir
10399 Suppressed Weir
10400 Sluice Gate
10401 Canal in Take
10404 Model Of Canal Drop
10405 Model of Slit Ejector
10406 Model of Canal Regulator
10408 Fish Ladder
10410 Model Of an Aqueduct
10411 Syphon Aqueduct
10412 Super Passage Of Two Span
(vii) Public Health Models
10425 Model Of Slow Filter
10426 Model of Repid Sand Filter
10427 Model of Pressure Filter
10430 Safe Water Supply From A Pond
10431 Safe Water Supply from a River
10435 Sedimentation Tank
10436 Flocculator
10437 Trickling Filter
10440 Indian Type Water Closet
10441 Septic Tank
10442 Imhoff Tank
10443 Automatic Flushing Tank
10445 Alum Jar Test Apparatus Electrically Operated

Code Product Name
9951 Blast Furnace Non Working Model
9953 Open Hearth Furnace Non Working Model
9954 Bessemer Converter Non Working Model
9955 Electric Arc Furnace Non Working Model
9956 Cupola Non Working Model
9957 Hoffman's Kiln Non Working Model
9958 Ammonia Ice Plant Non Working Model
9959 Refrigerator Non Working Model
9965 Dumper Working Model
9966 Bucket Trencher Working Model
9967 Crawler Crane Working Model
9968 Road Roller Working Model
9970 Bulldozer Working Model
9971 Scraper Working Model
9975 Belt Conveyor Working Model
9976 Bucket Conveyor Working Model
9977 Chain Conveyor Working Model
9978 Screw Conveyor Working Model
9979 Cooling Tower Non Working Model

Code Product Name
S-1 Babcock and Willcox Boiler
S-2 Loeffler Boiler
S-3 Velox Boiler
S-4 Green's Economiser
S-5 Jet Condensers
S-6 Surface Condensers
S-7 Separating Calorimeters
S-8 Throttling Calorimeter
S-9 Combined Separating and Throttling Calorimeter
S-10 Mollier Diagram
M-1 Vernier Caliper
M-2 Vernier Depth Gauge /Vernier Height Gauge
M-3 External Micrometer
M-4 Depth Micrometer/ Inside Micrometer
M-5 Limit Gauges
M-6 Engineering Fits
M-7 Thread Measurement
M-8 Gear Tooth Vernier Caliper
M-9 Tool Maker's Microscope
R-1 Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle
R-2 Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Cycle
R-3 Window Air Conditioner
R-4 General Layout of Ice Factory
R-5 Ref and Air Cond. Controls-1
R-6 Ref. and Air Controls-11
R-7 Deomestic Refrigerator
R-8 Water Cooler
R-9 Hermetically Sealed Compressor
SM-1 Smithy's Hearh / Smithy's Anvil Swage Block
SM-2 Blacksmith's Hammers
SM-3 Blacksmith's Tongs
SM-4 Blacksmith's Swages
SM-5 Blacksmith's Chisels
SM-6 Blacksmith's Fullers
SM-7 Flatter and Set Hammer
SM-8 Punches and Drifting
SM-9 Blacksmiths Welds
SM-10 Hand Forging Operations
SM-11 Hand Tools used in Smithy shop
AE-1 Two Stroke Operation
AE-2 Four Stroke Cycle
AE-3 Single Cylinder Engine
AE-4 Four Stroke Petrol Engine
AE-5 Four Stroke Diesel Engine
AE-6 Coil System of Ignition
AE-7 Electrinic System of Ignition
AE-8 Spark Pluges
AE-9 Layout of Simple Fuel Injection System
AE-10 In -Line Plunger Type Fuel Injection Pump
AE-11 Rotary Distributor Type Fuel Injection Pump
AE-12 Mechanical Petrol Pump/Electrical Petrol Pump
AE-13 Piston and Piston Rings

Code Product Name
AE-14 Various Types of Fuel Filters
AE-15 Full Pressure Engine Lubricating System
AE-16 Circulating Splash Lubricating System
AE-17 Engine Cooling System
AE-18 Starter Motor
AE-19 Constant Mesh Gear Box
AE-20 Four Speed Sliding Mesh Gear Box
AE-21 Synchromesh Gear Box
AE-22 Action of Differential
AE-23 Single Plate Clutch
AE-24 Hydraulic Brake System
AE-25 Wankel Engine
AE-26 The Car (Showing Carburettor, Gear Box,Steerng Mechanism,Suspension Unit)
1606 WELDING-1
W-1 Electric Resistance Welding
W-2 Spot Welding
W-3 Seam Welding
W-4 Flash Welding,Projection Welding Percussion Welding
W-5 Electroslag Welding
W-6 Oxy - Acetylene Torch
W-7 Welding Torches
W-8 Gas Flames
W-9 Electric Arc Welding
W-1607 WELDING - 2
W-10 Submerged Arc Welding
W-11 Atomic Hydrogen Welding
W-12 Electron Beam Welding/Laser Beam Welding
W-13 Thermit Welding
W-14 TIG Welding
W-15 MIG Welding
W-16 Weld Symbols -1
W-17 Weld Symbols -2
W-18 Welded Joints
ED-1 Conventional Representation of Lines/Materials
ED-2 Methods of Projection
ED-3 Dimensioning -1
ED-4 Dimensioning -2
ED-5 Orthographic Projection -1
ED-6 Orthographic Projection -1
ED-7 Section Planes
ED-8 Rivets and Riveted Joints
ED-9 Main Thread Forms
ED-10 Types of Gears
ED-11 Couplings -1
ED-12 Couplings -2
ED-13 Knuckle Joint
ED-14 Types of Keys
ED-15 Pulleys -1
ED-16 Pulleys -2
ED-17 Bearings
ED-18 Bolts and Washers
ED-19 Types of Nut
ED-20 Types Of Screw
ED-21 Intersection of Two Prisms
ED-22 Intersection of a Prism and a Cone
ED-23 Development of Surfaces of Solids

Code Product Name
E-1 Electronic Components (Active)
E-2 Eiectronic Components (Passive)
E-3 Diode As a Rectifier
E-4 Integrated Circuit Components
E-5 Junction Transistors
E-6 Transistorsas an amplifier
E-7 Push -Pull Amplifier
E-8 Loudspeaker and audio power amplifier
E-9 LC Oscillators
E-11 Radio Receivers
E-12 Facsimile Transmission -1 ( FacsimileSender)
E-13 Facsimile Transmission -2 ( Facsimile Receiver)
E-14 Television Cameras
E-15 B / W Television Receiver
E-16 Colour Television Receiver
E-17 B / W Television Transmitter
E-18 A Colour - Television Transmitter
E-19 Picture Tube
E-20 Modem
ET - 1 Electric Cells
ET - 2 Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instruments
ET - 3 Moving Iron Instruments
ET - 4 Watt -Hour Meter
ET - 5 Hydro -Electric Power Plant
ET - 6 Thermo - Electric Power Plant
ET - 7 Solar Power Plant
ET - 8 NuclearPower Plant
ET - 9 Steam - Electric Power Plant
ET - 10 Working of an Electric Motor
ET - 11 Direct Current Motor
ET - 12 Alternating Current Motor
ET - 13 Cutaway of a Single Phase Induction Motor
ET - 14 D .C Generator
ET - 15 Alternating Current Generator
ET - 16 Transformers
ET - 17 Electric Stove/ Electric Iron
ET - 18 Soldering Iron/Immersion Heater/ Geyser
ET - 19 Electric Bell
ET - 20 Treatment Against Shock
ET - 21 Wireman's Tools -1
ET - 22 Wireman's Tools -2
ET - 23 Wireman's Tools -3
ET - 24 Types of Cable/ Conductor Termination
ET - 25 Procedure of Making a Joint/ Telegraph Joint
ET - 26 Britannia Joint/ Belhanger's Joint
ET - 27 Western Union Joint/ T- Joint between 1/8"Wires
ET - 28 T- Joint between 3/22"Wires/ PVC insulated Wires
ET - 29 Types of Fuses
ET - 30 Earthing

Code Product Name
ET - 31 Electrical Accessories -1
ET - 32 Electrical Accessories -2
ET - 33 Electrical Accessories -3
ET - 34 Types of Electric Poles
ET - 35 Methods of Supporting a Pole
ET - 36 Types of Insulators/ Brackets
ET - 37 Filament Lamps
ET - 38 Fluorescent Tube
ET - 39 Mercury Vapour Lamp
ET - 40 Sodium Vapour Lamps
P - 1 Milling Cutters -1
P - 2 Milling Cutters -2
P - 3 Elements of Jigs and Fixtures (Locating Devices)
P - 4 Elements of Jigs and Fixtures (Clamping Devices)
P - 5 Elements of jigs and Fixtures (Indexing Devices)
P - 6 Elements of jigs (Drill Brushers)
P - 7 Sheet Metal Tools -1
P - 8 Sheet Metal Tools -2
P - 9 Lathe Parts
P - 10 Screw Cutting in the Lathe
P - 11 Taper Turining
P - 12 Universal Dividing Head
P - 13 Turret Lathe
P - 14 Capstan Lathe
P - 15 Parts of Standard Shaper
P - 16 Vertical Milling Machine
P - 17 Column and Knee Type Milling Machine
P - 18 Grinding Machines
P - 19 Grinding Wheels
P - 20 Sensitive Drilling Machine/ Vertical Drilling Machine
P - 21 Radial Drilling Machine
C - 1 Carpentry Marking Tools
C - 2 Carpentry Marking Tools
C - 3 Carpentry Saws
C - 4 Carpentry Chisels
C - 5 Carpentry Planes
C - 6 Carpentry Braces
C - 7 Carpentry Holding Tools
C - 8 Hand Tools Used in Carpentry
C - 9 Carpentry Joints -1
C - 10 Carpentry Joints -2
C - 11 Types of Patterns -1
C - 12 Types of Patterns -2
H - 1 Hydro- Electric Power Plant
H - 2 Pelton Wheel
H - 3 Francis Turbine
H - 4 Kaplan Turbine
H - 5 Centrifugal Pumps
H - 6 Impellers of Centrifugals Pumps
1619 FITTING - 1
F - 1 Pipe Vice/Bench Vice
F - 2 Type of Hammer
F - 3 Fitting Chisels
F - 4 Kinds of Files
F - 5 Scrapers
F - 6 Hacksaws
F - 7 Try Square / Vee Block / Angle Plate
F - 8 Sawing /Filling / Chiselling
F - 9 Tapes and Dies

Code Product Name
1620 FITTING -2
F - 10 Reamers
F - 11 Pipe Fittings
F - 12 Wrenches
F - 13 Hand Tools Used in Fitting Shope
F - 14 Tapping a Blind Hole
F - 15 Cutting a Thread With and Stocks
F - 16 Methods of Filling
F - 17 Tapping Through Holes
FT - 1 Cupola Furnace
FT - 2 Blast Furanace
FT - 3 Electric Arc Furnace
FT - 4 Foundry Hand Tools -1
FT - 5 Foundry Hand Tools -2
FT - 6 Centrifugal Casting
I - 1 Analog Transducers
I - 2 Digital Transducers
I - 3 Instrumentation Amplifiers
I - 4 A-D & D-A Converters
I - 5 Data Transmission Elements - I
I - 6 Data Transmission Elements - II
I - 7 Motion Measurement
I - 8 Force Measurement
I - 9 Pressure Measurement
I - 10 Temperature Measurement - I
I - 11 Temperature Measurement - II
I - 12 Speed Measurement
I - 13 Liquid Level Measurements - I
I - 14 Liquid Level Measurements - II
I - 15 Flow Measurements - I
I - 16 Flow Measurements - II
COM - 1 Use of Computer
COM - 2 Basic Computer Systems
COM - 3 Keyboard
COM - 4 Central Processing Unit
COM - 5 Laser Printer
COM - 6 Dot Matrix/Ink jet Printer
COM - 7 Floppy Disk & Disk Drive
COM - 8 Hard Disk Drive
COM - 9 Motherboard
COM - 10 Computer Memory
COM - 11 Physical Devices Used to Construct Memories
COM - 12 Magnetic Surface Recording Methods - I
COM - 13 Magnetic Surface Recording Methods - II
COM - 14 Intrconnection of Computer Units
COM - 15 Cache Memoty/Memoty interleaving
COM - 16 Processor to I-O & Input to Memory Communication
COM - 17 Understanding D.O.S.
COM - 18 D.O.S. commands - I
COM - 19 D.O.S. commands - II
COM - 20 Basics of MS Word - I
COM - 21 Basics of MS Word - II

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