Suspension Bridge Apparatus

Suspension Bridge Apparatus


Cables are frequently used to support loads over large spans such as cable stayed for suspension bridges, cable car systems and stadium roof. They are used extensively for permanent guys on structures such as microwave towers and derricks. They are also used for temporary guys during erection. The only force in a cable is direct tension. They are too flexible to carry any moment.
A cable is used to carry concentrated loads, uniformly distributed load along its length and uniformly distributed load along the horizontal span. It takes the shape of a polygon under concentrated loads, a catenary under uniform load along its length (such as its own weight), and a parabola under uniform load along the horizontal span.


• Study the Extension of each spring Balance Left & Right Both.
• Study of the effect of a point load


• Apparatus Consists of two mild steel cables 0.5cm diameter in cross section and 150cm long, pinned to two supports 90cm apart situated symmetrically.
• One of the ends can be converted to a roller by applying a known load at the end with the help of suspended pulley system.
• Vertical loads can be applied at various points along the span of the beam.
• A dial gauge with 25mm travel (with a magnetic base) is to be supplied with the apparatus complete with a supporting stand and a set of weights.