rotary air compressor test rig

two stage air compressor test rig

The Apparatus consists of a rotary vane compressor driven by an electric motor; Air intake is measured by an orifice meter and manometer, Discharge “pressure is measured by a pressure gauge. Power input of the compressor measured by an Energymeter. Thus the students can determine volumetric efficiency, power consumption and free air discharge of compressor.

1.Vane compressor – Rotary compressor, driven by 3 HP motor.
2.Calibrated orifice meter with water manometer to measure air intake.
3.Energy meter to measure input of the meter.
4.Pressure gauge to measure discharge pressure.
5.Control valve at delivery side.
6.Stop clock.
7.A technical manual accompanies the unit.

1.Floor space of approx. 1.5 X 1.5 m. X 1.5 M. height.
2.440V, 16A, 3ph. supply.