refrigeration trainer general cycle type

refrigeration trainer general cycle type

Refrigeration Trainer – General Cycle Type:

The unit consists of vapor compression refrigeration cycle provided with components normally used in refrigeration system so that student can get familiar with the components. Various measurement provided enable students to estimate the performance of the system.


1.Compressor- Hermetically sealed compressor, having capacity of 0.3 T.
2.Expansion Devices
  a) Thermostatic Expansion Valve
  b) Capillary tube.
3.Evaporator coil.
  a) Services Valve
  b) Solenoid Valve
  c) Filter-Drier for refrigerant
  d) High/Low pressure cutout
  e) Thermostat.
  a) Thermometers (mercury in glass) – 4 Nos.
  b) Pressure gauges for condensing and evaporating pressure.
  c) Energymeter for compressor
  d) Voltmeter and Ammeter for compressor.
  e) Rotameter for liquid refrigerant flow measurement.

A technical manual is accompanies the unit.


1.Floor surface area – 1m x 2m x 2m height.
2.220V, I5Amp, Single Phase Stabilized power supply