Redundant Joint Apparatus

Redundant Joint Apparatus

Apparatus consists of three suspension members (spring balances) of different stiffness, which are jointed at a point to form the redundant joint. The upper end of the suspension members being tied in a position to a vertical wooden board. Arrangement is provided to apply a vertical load at the joint and to measure its horizontal and vertical displacement on a paper and also elongations and forces in the suspension members by the help of dial gauges. Dial gauges with magnetic base are provided with the apparatus.


Comparison of experimental and theoretical results of forces in the members and the component displacement of the loaded joint D of a three bar suspension system for vertical loads.


• Redundant Joint Apparatus
• Dial Gauge : 1 No.
• Magnetic Base : 1 No.
• Hangers : 1 Nos.
• Weight of 500gm : As Per requirement.